SETAC expert symposium 2018 on air pollution control in cities


Thursday, June 21, 2018, 12:00am at SuperC (Ford and Generali hall, 6th floor), RWTH Aachen University

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On June 21, 2018, the research collaboration Straßenwesen, Erd- und Tunnelbau Aachen e. V. (SETAC) will organize a specialist symposium on air pollution control in cities.

Excessive pollutant levels affect air quality in many German cities. In particular, the high NOx levels currently dominate the debate. At present, various measures, such as Diesel bans or free public transport under dicussion. Traffic planning or technical measures may as well reduce the pollution.

In addition to the specification and evaluation of the current topic, the symposium will also highlight basic mechanisms of pollutant formation and spread as well as methods for the simulative determination of pollution. Furthermore, impact assessments of high air pollutant concentrations and mitigation strategies are presented and discussed.

For a thematic classification, the problem is first explained from the point of view of "people affected". An introduction to the topic from the environment perspective, the local authorities and the road users are given. In another session, calculation procedures and methods are presented theoretically and in practical examples. We will conclude the event in the afternoon with the presentation of possible measures to reduce pollutants (by construction, traffic or city planning).

The circle of speakers includes experts from relevant federal offices, local authorities, engineering firms and industry representatives.

Participation is free of charge and recognized as a continuing education measure in accordance with § 6 FuWO. Registration is requested. For more information, visit or call +49 (0) 241 80 20380.