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Early detection of dangerous areas in traffic


As the accident statistics of recent years show the danger potential on roads in germany is still very high. The increase in traffic, constant stress, time pressure and extreme weather conditions are just a few burdens that car drivers are exposed to. These are some reasons why dangerous situations are often not properly assessed or not recognized in time by the driver. The early detection of dangerous areas and an adapted manner of driving would be extremely important. This is exactly where FeGiS becomes important, it helps to identify and analyze dangerous areas and prepares them for car drivers.

Project goal

FeGiS pursues the goal of making road traffic safer for all road users and reducing accident risks and numbers. This is done by identifying and proactively displaying dangerous areas through smartphone apps or navigation systems. If the car driver or the road user is on an accident-prone or confusing route they will be informed by FeGiS at the outset. The warning takes place even when there is no traffic sign or if the warning sign has been ignored. FeGiS thus enables drivers to adapt their driving behavior to the danger area or to react better.


The goal of FeGiS is achieved through the collection, digitization, enrichment and processing of information on dangerous areas. Existing data sources are used and blended with new additional information to increase the quality of the data and identify potential emerging hazards. The results should be aggregated into a "risk score" in order to visualize it for the car drivers and make it usable. This classification is first tested as an example in the area of ​​Aachen, Cologne and Bonn.