Material Testing Lab


In addition to the standard laboratory equipment for ensuring the proper conduct of examinations within the scope of the test laboratory activity, some special features of the test laboratory are to be emphasized:

Weather-protected installation track

Universal testing machine with triaxial cell

Stationary and Mobile testing facility according to Wehner/Schulze

White light interferometer (high resolution texture measuring device)

Aachen Ravelling Tester

Aachen Compactor

ISAC ViaFriction



  • load plate pressure device (static/dynamic),
  • CBR press,
  • rolling segment compressor,
  • Lamella compressor,
  • track formation equipment,
  • Force Ductility Meter,
  • dynamic shear rheometer
  • Los Angeles drum/impact demolition equipment,
  • Micro-Deval-Apparatus,
  • PSV-Polishing-Machine,
  • SRT-Pendulum device and outflow meter according to Moore,
  • Road-Reflectometer after Range,
  • etc.