Material Testing Laboratory


In addition to the standard laboratory equipment to ensure the professional performance of tests within the scope of the test center’s activities, a number of special features of the test center are to be emphasized:

Installation section

Universal testing machine with triaxial cell

Stationary and Mobile testing facility according to Wehner/Schulze

White light interferometer (high-resolution texture measuring device)

Aachen Ravelling Tester

Aachen Compactor

ISAC ViaFriction

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  • Load plate pressure device (static/dynamic),
  • CBR press,
  • Roller segment compressor,
  • Air vane compressor,
  • Tracking device,
  • Force ductilometer,
  • Dynamic shear rheometer,
  • Los Angeles drum/impact crusher,
  • Micro Deval device,
  • PSV polisher,
  • SRT pendulum/outflow meter according to Moore,
  • Street reflectometer according to Range,
  • etc.