Demonstrator construction isac  

BLP acceptance - Extension of the use of the evaluated longitudinal profile for construction-related applications and comparison with the conventional acceptance procedure

DAchS - Durable road fittings for future traffic loads - Coupled system road - tire - vehicle

In-Motion - Measurement of the structural substance of asphalt attachments using non-destructive methods

INNO-PAVE - Basic research of polymer materials as well as innovative manufacturing and installation technologies for road surface layer systems

Repairs with high-performance concrete - Modeling and computational verification of efficacy

Cancer-stimulating gas emissions in the asphalt industry and their effects on the health of construction workers

LASt – Long-term road damage due to dynamic wheel load fluctuations

NANOASPHALT - Optimization of the properties and resistance of asphalt roads using nanotechnology

Piezoresistive Sensitive Concrete for Traffic Monitoring

QUASt – New approaches to quality control in road construction

SOLMOVE - Technical assessment of energy production through photovoltaic-integrated road surfaces

Road load data- Updating and adapting road load data for dimensioning

Traffic Monitoring - Piezoresistive Sensitive Concrete for Traffic Monitoring

Environmentally friendly road cover with photocatalytic removal of nitrogen dioxide and a reduced heat sinking effect