Calibration Laboratory


The technical test regulations for skid resistance measurements in road construction, TP Griff-StB (SRT), contain control devices in the form of calibration points "SRT-Pendelgerät" and "Ausflussmesser nach Moore" for the functional test and calibration of skid resistance measuring devices.

Up to now, the calibration of these measuring instruments was carried out exclusively by the Federal Highway Research Institute (BASt). Since the beginning of 2008, this task has been assigned to two independent calibration laboratories certified by BASt.

As one of these two bodies, the Institute of Highway Engineering Aachen of RWTH Aachen University is now responsible for carrying out the calibration and issues the temporary operating permit required in accordance with the technical test regulations.

Certified by the BASt, calibration, maintenance and repair as well as corresponding training on SRT shuttle units and AM are carried out.


Service description:

The calibration laboratory offers the following services:

  • TP Handle-StB conform calibration,
  • Maintenance of the measuring instruments,
  • Complete functional test,
  • Repair work as well
  • Replacement of worn or defective parts.

The calibration of the measuring instruments is carried out with the highest precision, whereby each individual measuring instrument is disassembled into its mechanical functional units and subjected to extensive maintenance and complete functional testing. The availability of special measuring instruments, among other things for characterizing the rubber-specific characteristics of the measuring rubbers, contributes to ensuring the quality of the measuring equipment used.

Furthermore, the availability of a wide range of original English spare parts ensures a quick exchange of worn or defective parts as well as a quick repair of damaged measuring instruments.

The personnel specifically trained by BASt for the calibration of the measuring instruments and the many years of experience in the field of skid resistance measurement at the institute guarantee the necessary technical competence.

In addition to the professional calibration of the measuring instruments, the institute also has contacts for interdisciplinary questions and advice, especially in connection with the materials testing laboratory.