Construction Technology


The Department of Road Construction Technology is another major research area at the Institute and Chair of Highway Engineering.


The research areas cover a wide range of topics as for example the road construction, through the installation to monitoring and sustainability research. Not only material properties and usage properties are examined intensively, the integration of these results into simulation models is also used to predict the effects.

In the area of ​​road construction, the institute focuses on the areas of surface properties, the dimensioning and maintenance of road construction works, the multifunctional road building materials, the installation and quality of road works as well as the associated bitumen and asphalt investigations, all of which are linked via simulation and testing technology.

Research projects as well as teaching benefit decisively from the use of the institute-internal laboratory, which is used for extensive research and offers a practical insight for the students.

In addition to research and teaching, the material testing center is certified according to RAP Stra and as a concrete testing center W according to DIN 1045, covering quality assurance, quality assurance during the construction of traffic areas, scientific and constructional support of pilot projects, suitability tests and extended suitability tests, control tests as well as arbitration and damage analyzes . As an interface between teaching and research, practical experiences from all areas of road construction can be directly integrated into the research and teaching activities.